Our little boy Caleb doesn't need to be told twice when Daddy tells him to go "put on your boots"! He doesn't know where he's going, doesn't know how long it'll take or how much it will cost; All he knows is Daddy asked him to go spend quality time with him and that's all it takes for him to obey. We have heard the same request from our heavenly Father concerning adoption. We are embarking on this adoption adventure with Him not knowing the where and how; All we know is God wants to spend quality time with us and teach us who He is on a deeper level.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First step of faith/ Premier pas de foi

So on Tuesday (01/26/10) we filled out our application to AWAA ( paid the $250.00 processing fee. It is a very small amount compared to what this whole adventure is gonna cost but it was our first step of faith. We had been told by many adopting parents that this journey wouldn't be without trials and attacks from the ennemy. Satan wasn't gonna let go of an easy target that easily. So on Thursday (01/28/10) we felt like we had just entered a battlefield. As soon as we realized that and turned our eyes toward our Savior, He gave us peace once again. He has already won this battle, and we need not be afraid or doubt His calling.
Yesterday night (01/31/10) I sat in church beside my sister in the Lord who is planning to adopt the little girl from the Ukraine whom God used to open our eyes about adoption. What a blessing! God knew the time and need of our hearts to encourage each other. I am realizing more and more that He is my favorite author; He simply writes the coolest stories! (I cannot wait to read the end!)
The teaching was out of Acts 8 and was an encouragement to obey when God speaks. Even when we have no clue where and how and why we need to obey just like Phillip did in Acts 8. Arise and Go = OBEDIENCE for him. He was led by the Holy Spirit one step at a time.
One thing too that I believe God confirmed is that we are supposed to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia. Pastor Ken taught Acts 8 and when he came to the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian man who was reading Isaiah (the same book God spoke from, to Adam), it sort of all came together for me. It has yet to be confirmed but I do believe God was giving me a glimpse of His plan. We'll see!
The next step is waiting on the agency to give us the "go ahead".

Mardi (01/26/10) nous avons complété notre application à AWAA ( et avons payé les frais d’administration de $250.00. C'est très peu comparé à ce que cette entiere aventure va coûter, mais c'était notre premiere étape de la foi. Nous avions été mis en garde par beaucoup de parents adoptifs que ce “voyage” ne serait pas sans épreuves et attaques de l'ennemie. Satan ne laisserait pas aller une victime si vulnerable (l’enfant) si facilement. Ainsi Jeudi (01/28/10) nous avons sentis comme si nous étions entrés dans un champ de bataille. Dès que nous avons réalisé cela et avons tourné nos yeux vers notre Sauveur, Il nous a donné de nouveau la paix. Il a déjà gagné cette bataille, et nous n'avons pas besoin d'avoir peur ou de douter de son appel.
Hier soir (01/31/10) je me suis assise a l'église près de ma soeur dans le seigneur qui prévoit adopter la petite fille d'Ukraine que Dieu a utilisé pour ouvrir nos yeux au sujet de l’adoption. Quelle bénédiction ! Dieu a su l'heure et la nécessité de nos coeurs a s'encourager. Je me rends compte de plus en plus qu'Il est mon auteur préféré. Il écrit simplement les histoires les plus cool! (J’ai hate de savoir la fin de cette histoire!) L'enseignement était dans Actes 8 et était plein d’encouragements a obéir quand Dieu parle. Même lorsque nous n'avons aucun indice où et comment et pourquoi, nous devons obéir juste comme Phillippe l’a fait dans ce texte. “Leve-toi et va” = l'OBÉISSANCE. Il a été mené étape par etape par le Saint-Esprit.
Une autre chose que je crois que Dieu a confirmé est que nous sommes censés adopter un petit garçon d'Ethiopie. Le pasteur a enseigné dans Actes 8 et quand il est venu à l'histoire de Phillippe et de l'homme Ethiopien qui lisait dans Esaïe (même livre dont Dieu s’est servir pour parler a Adam), c’est comme si les morceaux de ce "casse-tete" se placaient devant mes yeux. Tout ca doit encore etre a confirmer, mais je crois que Dieu me donnait un aperçu de son plan. Nous verrons !
La prochaine étape est d’attendre que l'agence accepte notre application


  1. I know what you mean about each step of faith getting attacked- I think it's so predictable, and you are not alone in that! We're praying with you guys that God's perfect will and peace that passes understanding be covering over this journey for you :)

  2. Hi Tina! I saw the little link to your blog on facebook, hope you don't mind that I stopped by! I am so excited for you and your family working towards this adoption, God is so good! Glad to hear that Pastor Ken's message was affirming for your journey, I loved the Acts 8 story, too.

  3. hey friends! SO awesome to "hear" how the Lord is moving you guys! One of the staff couples on our team here, are just officially beginning the adoption process too! They're adopting 2 boys from Haiti hopefully (which means they'll have to learn French!). I sent them the link to this site so they could be encouraged by your journey. We will pray for you guys as the Spirit brings you to mind. We have your picture on our prayer corkboard =] Love to you both! ~Christy