Our little boy Caleb doesn't need to be told twice when Daddy tells him to go "put on your boots"! He doesn't know where he's going, doesn't know how long it'll take or how much it will cost; All he knows is Daddy asked him to go spend quality time with him and that's all it takes for him to obey. We have heard the same request from our heavenly Father concerning adoption. We are embarking on this adoption adventure with Him not knowing the where and how; All we know is God wants to spend quality time with us and teach us who He is on a deeper level.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

God has the "gas money".

So we sensed since the beginning of this journey that God would provide the "gas money" to get us where we are to go. We were not to stress about it. After all, He is driving, not us. And we couldn't afford the trip anyways. So it has been very interesting to watch where this gas money has come from.

A few weeks ago, I had the priveledge of preaching at a sister church in Lincoln, Maine. I taught from Deuteronomy 5. In this chapter, God reminded the Israelites how He brought them out of Egypt - on the wings of eagles. Or as a father carries his son. God did the "work" for them. They simply witnessed His power. In the same way, God is doing the work for us. Yes, we do our part but God has been faithful to bless our venture so far. Money for this adoption comes from the most unusual places. Tina makes cakes. I teach at church and mow lawns. We have a yard sale. God's people give. A letter arrives in the mail containing a check. General Electric pays a bonus for help in hiring a talented worker. God keeps pulling gas money from places to pay for the ransom of a soul! And we get to witness it.

When this adoption has been finalized, and all is said and done, we will not be boasting about how we made the adoption happen. The best we can say is that God drove, paid for the gas, meals, and lodging, and we were fortunate enough to witness these events from the passenger seat.